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With Micky Magic you get an experienced Master Magician who’s a clown at heart.   His look and costumes have changed over the years but the one thing that remains a constant is his infectious big smile.  He has entertained hundreds of thousands of children and adults through his school programs, daily performances at Mc Donald’s restaurants throughout Manhattan (his biggest client), and metro area corporate functions, and private parties.    

Whether it’s a never ending string of paper being pulled from his mouth by a stunned participant or taking a moment to address serious topics (School Shows or Stop Smoking Programs), for the last many years, he has successfully commanded the attention of any room.

Mike Gomez has also been president of the International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM ring#113), a Certified Smoking Cessation Counselor (American Cancer Society) and Motivational Speaker.   Micky’s educational presentations show kids (and adults) how to live healthy lifestyles free from drugs and alcohol, all while entertaining his audience.

He is a certified vendor for the NYC Board of Education and for the last several years, has been contracted by the Newark NJ Board of Education to present his educational program “The Magic in You.”

An artist and a talented performer, Micky Magic or Michael Magic (when performing for adults) is someone you can count on when quality entertainment is paramount for your family and guests.

“There’s nothing silly about this business"
(Comedy is serious business)


With over 500 shows a year, Clown Around Productions specializes in Kids' Shows, School Shows, and family-friendly comedy and magical presentations. We bring our experienced and talented group of hardworking performers to your private parties and corporate functions, and we deliver performances you will not soon forget.

Micky Magic has had long-standing partnerships with both profit and non-profit corporations including McDonalds, I.H.O.P., Montessori, New York Sports Club, Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center, Schools, NY Board OFED, Police departments and many more.

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(Then the following week will do it again with Senior Citizens)

The Week of the Young Child (April 10-16) is an annual celebration sponsored by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEC). This year, 2011, the theme is, “Early Years Are Learning Years”. We all know about the importance of children's earliest years in shaping their learning and development.  A fun and magical event will be experienced in several daycares when some kids will be turned into rabbits magically.
During that week, kid show educator, comedian, and Magician Micky Magic (Mike Gomez), will perform and bring his funny (yet educational) antics to several daycares in the northern New Jersey area. Micky Magic performs many styles of Magic, but most of his time is spent performing for families and kids.
State Senator and Union City Mayor Brian Stack, personally called Micky Magic to have him perform at the Eugenio De Hostos Children’s Learning Center in Union City on Friday afternoon.  “I’m elated that my mayor is going to help us bring attention to our children”, said Gomez, a Union City resident.  
So far, the shows will be performed at a minimum of three schools, one in Union City, and two in Newark.  “When it comes to entertaining three and four year olds, "silly & goofy" is most important”, said Gomez.  “You want to instill good reading habits and so forth, but one must keep the story lines, plots, and effects simple, colorful, and “funny bone nutty” for it to resonate with kids that age”, he continued.
The following week, Micky will continue his antics, except the audience will be the senior community.  For the senior set, the show is designed specifically so that everything is easy to see and visually vibrant, and a sound system that can be heard clearly, but not too loud where it could offend.  You want to be sure that they feel like the stars of the show and forget about their aches and pains for awhile! Micky says, “I’ve got a 90 year old Mom and a 92 year old God-Mother who both raised me and talk with me almost daily”. He continued, “I was my centenarian grandfather’s favorite because of my patience with him. I loved his stories, many of which I’m sure were exaggerated or embellished”.
Micky Magic’s credentials are many.  He’s multilingual, an official vendor/performer for the NYC Board of Ed, and up to last year, had a three-year contract with the Newark board of Ed where he performed at dozens of schools annually throughout that city. He’s a former president of the IBM (Int’l Brotherhood of Magicians) and a member of SAM (Society of American Magicians). 



























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