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Micky Magic knows how to mix the right amount of comedy and fun, while delivering an important message to the school age youth. In addition to "The Magic in You" (see Assembly Shows), Micky offers B-day parties that are fun and educational, but mostly celebrates a Birthday child.


“Daycare Care Shows”

We offer two types of daycare shows:

ONE: For private birthday parties (paid for by the parent) limited to the child’s immediate classroom. (No more than 15 kids).

TWO: Show is opened to the entire student body (paid for by the daycare).

What better way to celebrate your child’s big day than with all his/her favorite friends and classmates from school.  You save money* and also teach our kids that school is cool. (Weekday private parties show are less money!).

For the private class parties, Micky brings the entertainment, and you bring party goods from the cake to the goodie-bags. The private parties are ideal for career parents, who cannot arrange a big to do on the weekend, but can afford to take a couple or three hours off work one day during the week. Mom/Dad... you save money, and your weekend is free!!

Now for those daycares just looking to give all their little students an experience of fun entertainment, Micky Magic and/or crew can bring in their awesome talent and will mesmerize the room.  Many daycares book us for both our fantastic entertainment and their marketing and recruiting efforts as well.  Ask us to show you how to get us free or near free to you.

Experience is everything. When it comes to entertaining three and four year olds, "silly & goofy", is most important. So you must keep the stories, plots, and effects simple, colorful, and “funny bone silly”. Again... the experience is paramount!

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